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Corporate strategy

Ercros defines its business strategy on multi-annual plans laying down measures to be taken to increase the productivity and efficiency of the company's resources.

The three main strategic objectives of Ercros are:

A healthy and profitable chemical group

It is the vocation of Ercros to turn the company with which we are currently familiar into a profitable, healthy and efficient company. To do so, Ercros must undertake measures that allow it to gain competitiveness, recover profits and restore economic growth by means of greater internationalisation.

In this manner, Ercros is increasingly focusing its commercial management on products demanded in international markets that offer the best opportunities for growth and profitability.

Integrated production facilities

This objective seeks to achieve productive, industrially-integrated installations, of a European dimension and located at efficient sites, so that all the inputs and outputs may be combined in the closest and most efficient manner possible.

In accordance with this objective, the company carried out industrial reorganisation plans that have made it possible to concentrate production in the centres with the best locations from a logistics and industrial point-of-view, in order to reduce costs, optimise investments, explore synergies and streamline administrative and control processes.  

Ercros goes on with this policy to increase efficiency, with the objective to close the least efficient and least competitive facilities.

Portfolio on high-performance products
The third strategic objective is to specialise the Ercros commercial portfolio on products with which it may obtain higher performance, those that present the greatest comparative advantages for the company and offer the highest growth expectations.

In order to achieve this objective, the company is enhancing the offer of given high value added products, already present in the company portfolio, for which, in spite of the crisis, a deficit exists on the market. 

With the same objective of upgrading its commercial portfolio, Ercros is working on several projects that will allow it to increase the supply of new high value added products and sustainable performance. To this regard, one of the programmes in the most advanced phase is that of bioplastics, whose objective is the development over the next two years of materials based on two plastic biopolymers, PLA and PHA. Both polymers are biodegradable and manufactured from natural renewable sources. Given their technical properties, their sustainable quality and low carbon footprint, bioplastics may come to replace many of the most widespread plastics on the market.

In order to develop the composites of these products, which make it possible to offer the specific applications demanded by the clients, Ercros has contracted three specialised technological centres. It has also commenced the pre-marketing and product testing phase.

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Estrategia empresarial

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