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Ercros selected by the UN among the 101 best business initiatives for climate that will be presented at the COP25 Summit

Barcelona, ​​December 3, 2019. - The United Nations Global Compact has selected Ercros for having one of the 101 best business initiatives to contribute to the fight against climate change, after having included the company in its dossier of good practices in sustainable development goals (SDG). These 101 business initiatives will be presented on December 5 in the framework of the Climate Summit (COP 25) being held in Madrid.

Ercros Porelclima


Ercros has renewed formaldehyde and chlorine supply contracts with the main customer of these products

Barcelona, November 26, 2019. - Ercros has signed a new formaldehyde supply contract with its main client. This contract will be valid during the period 2021-2030 and the product will be supplied from Tortosa factory (Tarragona), which has recently expanded the capacity of its facilities.

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Ercros receives the Internationalization award in the 8th Cerdanyola Empresarial Night

Cerdanyola, November 25, 2019. - Ercros received the Internationalization award last Thursday, November 21, at the 8th edition of the Cerdanyola Empresarial Night, celebrated at the Hotel Campus of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and attended by more than 200 people.

Ercros Premio Internacionalizacion CerdanyolaÁngel Punzano (right), Ercros factory director in Cerdanyola, and Francesco Bianchi, product manager


Ercros celebrates the XVI Conference on Sustainability of the Tarragona industrial complex

Tarragona, November 15, 2019. - Ercros has held during the months of October and November the XVI Sustainability Conference of the Tarragona industrial complex, 5 working days that have been held in the Pòsit de Pescadors at the Serrallo neighbourhood in Tarragona and in which 80% of the 321 workers in the complex have attended in shifts as well as guests of the Ercros corporation.

Ercros Jornada sostenibilitat Tarragona


Ebitda improvement in the third quarter of 2019

Barcelona, November 6, 2019. - The gross operating result («ebitda») obtained by Ercros in the third quarter of 2019 was EUR 16.75 million, 11.7% higher than in the same period of the previous year, and slightly higher than ebitda of the second quarter of 2019 (+1.7%). Even despite the fact that, for seasonal reasons (inclusion of the summer vacation period), the third quarters tend to have a lower ebitda than the second ones.

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