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Students of Salesianos School of Huesca visit the factory of Ercros in Monzón

Monzón, January 9, 2019. - A group of third ESO students of Huesca’s Salesianos School have visited the Ercros factory in Monzón. The visit is motivated by the work carried out by students about the population that grew the most in the 20th century in the province of Huesca and Monzón, when its population tripled in the 60s.

20190109 094944


Students of Biello Aragón Institute visit the factory of Ercros in Sabiñánigo

Sabiñánigo, January 9, 2019. - A group of students of the medium degree of electrical and automatic installations and the higher degree in automation and industrial robotics of the Biello Aragón Institute have visited the Ercros factory in Sabiñánigo; a visit that is repeated each year.

foto grupo 9 enero 2019


Ercros has started up the second expansion of the Vila-seca I chlorine plant

Barcelona, January 3, 2019. - Ercros has started a second expansion capacity of 26,000 t/year at the chlorine and caustic soda production plant of its factory in Vila-seca I, in accordance with the investment plan announced by the company.

Vila-seca I 9


Experts from the University of Barcelona visit the Terrera Nova in Cardona

Barcelona, ​​December 28, 2018. - A group of experts in the study of soils visited last November 21 the land of the Terrera Nova in Cardona, property of Ercros. The visit forms part of the 43rd Scientific Conference on the degradation and restoration of natural, agricultural and urban soils in arid and semi-arid climates, organized by the University of Barcelona in collaboration with the Centre for Technological Research and Forestry Applications (“CREAF”) and by the Francophone Group on Humidimetry and Transport in porous media (“GFHN”).

Foto expert UB Terrera Nova Cardona


The Company reports on the purchase of 77,503 treasury shares.

Barcelona, December 21, 2018. - The Company reports that, under the fourth share repurchase program to amortize, during the period between December 17 and 21, 2018, has carried out the purchase of 77,503 treasury shares.

Within the framework of this fourth program, between July 9 and December 21, 2018, the Company has acquired 1,138,802 treasury shares. At present, the Company holds 1,591,910 treasury shares (1.48 %).


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