Success in the fight against workplace accidents

Barcelona, January 2020
La prevención en la fábrica de Tortosa
We provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and accidents.

The involvement of the people who work in the company and the efforts made to reduce the accident rate mean that, year after year, Ercros' accident rates are much lower than the average for chemical sector companies.

In 2019, the sector's overall accident frequency rate - which measures accidents among own staff (with and without sick leave) and external staff (with sick leave) per million hours worked - was 39.4 on average in the sector, while at Ercros it was 2.5, almost 16 times lower.

"Our accident rate is almost 16 times lower than the average for companies in the chemical sector"

A sustained effort

All Ercros factories have a management system that includes occupational health and safety. This system complies with the specification of the ISO 45001:2018 standard, occupational health and safety management systems.

We measure the accident rate of our own personnel and external staff using standardised indicators, which allow us to be aware of the level of accident rate and its evolution over time, and to compare ourselves with companies in our sector.

All accidents and incidents are analysed to see if they can lead to improvements in procedures, safety measures or installations.

Every year we carry out an awareness-raising campaign and numerous training and awareness-raising actions among our employees.