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ErcrosFlex® revolutionises the world of PVC

Ercros presents the innovative product ErcrosFlex®, which allows truly phthalate-free PVC to be obtained from any external plasticiser.

Currently, a third of PVC production is earmarked for flexible applications, in which the use of plasticisers is essential, the most common being phthalates. These products have been called into question due to their association with human health, to the point that the European government has established deadlines for prohibiting some low-molecular-weight phthalates and has limited the use of higher-molecular-weight phthalates in some children’s products.

This has resulted in the creation of alternatives to phthalates and “phthalate-free” has become more commonly used in marketing

Because ErcrosFlex® PVC compounds are self-plasticisers, they do not require the use of external plasticisers, thereby avoiding the migration of high-risk products while the products into which they are transformed are used. ErcrosFlex® can be formulated similarly to conventional PVC in order to obtain pellets of different hardness, specific weight and color. They are suitable for processing by any transformation technique, with the advantage of a low temperature profile, which translates into significant energy savings.

Compared to conventional flexible PVC products, pieces manufactured by ErcrosFlex® have greater chemical resistance, better performance at low temperatures and a longer useful life since they maintain their original properties due to the lack of migration of external plasticisers.


  • Building and construction: vinyl floors, sealants for roofs, ponds, pools, etc.
  • Electrical and electronic materials for cables
  • Seals for home appliances and windows
  • Laminates for publications and decorations
  • Hoses


  • No external plasticisers
  • Long useful life
  • Energy savings
  • Better chemical resistance and behavior at low temperatures



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