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In the factory of Ercros in Sabiñánigo, the experience is a rank

March 24, 2015 - 81 employees in the factory of Ercros in Sabiñánigo are validating the sentence "experience is a rank": they all have benefited from a program of evaluation and accreditation of skills promoted by the Government of Aragon, by which they can obtain an official professional certificate under his years of experience as a chemical plant operators.

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In the process to obtain this certificate, the employees involved have the support of five technicians from Sabiñánigo own factory, which act as advisors. Between January and mid-March, these workers had to prove to advisors that they met the experience requirements to obtain the certificate. Now they are currently in the evaluation phase, by personnel from the Aragón Professional Qualifications Agency and by May the process is due to end.

This action arises from the collaboration agreement signed on December 11, 2014 between the Government of Aragon Education and Culture Department and the Federation of Chemical and Plastics Business in Aragón (FEQPA) and is addressed to chemical plant operators working at companies affiliated to FEQPA, such as Ercros.

Planning and maintaining information, training and awareness programs for employees in order to improve their skills and motivation is one of the principles of Ercros’ sustainability policy, which is reinforced by this action now presented.

The Aragón Professional Qualifications Agency, a public body under the regional government, has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Throughout these years has facilitated access to an official title to workers with extensive work experience, but without formal training, from cooks to coaches, from ambulance drivers to operators of chemical plant.

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