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Project Balance CAPS FOR A NEW LIFE

In four months, Ercros staff has collected 277,500 solidarity caps More caps in less time are collected!

Barcelona, April 30, 2015 - The "cap habit" is being incorporated among Ercros staff as they are progressively increasing the collecting of caps. In the first four months of 2015 they have collected 277,500 plastic caps, equivalent to 555 kilos, which is the 41% of the caps collected since the campaign began 18 months ago (678,000 caps equivalent to 1,356 kilos).

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On this occasion, the money obtained from the sale of the caps has been delivered to Daniela, a girl suffering from Apert syndrome who needs a complicated operation to improve her mobility.

Additionally, the recycling of plastic caps, during the period under review, has avoided the emission of 833 kilos of CO2 equivalent to the following emissions:

  • Chopping 139 trees
  • 7420 kilometers by plane
  • 3 years of domestic heating
  • 27 years of a light bulb

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