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Supplement to the call of the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting

Barcelona, June 3, 2015 .- In accordance with the provisions of Article 519 of the Spanish Capital Companies Law, and pursuant to the request of shareholders holding 3.06% of the share capital, the Board of Directors of Ercros publishes the following supplement to the call of the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting, to be held in Mutua General de Seguros, calle Entenza, 325-335, Barcelona, on June 29, 2015 at 12:00 pm, in its first call and, if the necessary quorum is not met, in its second call on June 30, 2015 at the same location and time.

Upon this, three new items are included in the agenda, in addition to those contained in the call published on May 28, 2015, which read as follows, verbatim record of the request received from the aforementioned group of shareholders at the registered office on June 2, 2015:


13th. Approval of the resignation as independent director of Mr. Ramón Blanco Balin, because he is exerting the position of independent director continuously since his election on July 29, 1996, and therefore, he has exceeded the maximum period of 12 year provided for in Article 529 duodecies 4 i) of the Spanish Capital Companies Law, and Articles 27.3 of the Bylaws of Ercros and 30 of the Regulation of the Board of Directors

14th. Upon the recommendation 11th of the Code of Good Governance of Listed Companies, published by the National Securities Market Commission [Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV)] in February 2015, approve as a general policy on the meeting attendance fee, that the entire amount each year provided for the payment of the fee shall be fully paid at once to those attending the Annual Ordinary General Meeting, the only legally required, excluding the attendance fee at extraordinary meetings that may be convened.

15th. Reduce the annual remuneration of all directors of the company to adapt it to the economic situation of society and therefore approve that the maximum amount of the annual remuneration of all directors of the company in their status as such may be set in EUR 330,000, in accordance with Article 217 of the Spanish Capital Companies Law.

The supporting reports presented by the aforementioned group of shareholders regarding the new items on the agenda proposed in this supplement to the call are available in the Shareholders’ Meeting section at the corporate website (www.ercros.es).

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Ercros guarantees that the relevant events that appear on this website correspond exactly to those sent to the CNMV by the company and disseminated by that organisation. The relevant events preceding those included in this section are available on the website of the CNMV.


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