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80 employees at Ercros factory in Sabiñánigo obtain a professional certificate attesting their experience in the chemical sector

Barcelona, June 18, 2015 - . The Department of Education of Aragón and the Federation of Chemical Industries and Plastics have awarded 80 workers in the factory of Ercros in Sabiñánigo with a certificate attesting their professional experience and expertise in the chemical sector. These employees, who have extensive work experience, didn’t have a diploma. From now on they can certify their knowledge with this new qualification, which was first awarded in Aragón.


The process of accreditation of skills has been developed in two phases. At first step each worker prepared a report detailing their experience, training courses received and any other information that would show that they can successfully carry out basic operations.

The second stage was the evaluation. A committee evaluated each candidate to determine whether it could really be accredited or lacked any competition.

All Ercros workers who showed up to obtain this certification successfully passed both stages. To do this, they had the advice and support of five technicians from Sabiñánigo own factory who acted as tutors.

Plan and maintain programs of information, training and awareness of employees in order to improve their skills and motivation, it is one of the principles of social responsibility policy in Ercros; a clear example is the achievement of these new certificates of professionalism by 80 employees.

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