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200 people participate in the open house day organized by the Ercros factory in Aranjuez

Aranjuez,  June 22, 2015. - Ercros factory in Aranjuez held last Saturday a day of open doors for worker’s friends and family in which over 200 people participated. Throughout the morning and in a festive atmosphere the participants came to the premises of the Paseo del Deleite. From there, organized by groups and guided by the factory technicians, were accompanied to see firsthand the production processes and the measures to protect the job security and the environment implemented at Aranjuez factory.

Compo aranjuez

During the visit, it was explained the commitment of Ercros to the society, reflected in the solidarity campaigns carried out, such as the collection of bottle caps and food.

Among the visitors, in addition to relatives of employees of the center, there were representatives of the neighboring factories and members of the council of Aranjuez. All were grateful to the company for the opportunity to visit the center.

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