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Ercros Complex in Tarragona meets 7 million hours worked without a job accident

Barcelona, June 23, 2015.- Ercros Industrial Complex in Tarragona, with a workforce of over 300 workers, celebrates this week 7 million working hours without suffering any accident with a leave among in-house staff. According to its director, Marc Fargas, these excellent results are due to "a job well done, the involvement of all employees, committed to prudent management and professional attitude."

Fabrica Vila-Seca II Ercros

The Tarragona Complex has three factories: Tarragona, Vila-seca I and Vila-seca II that have also met 17, 10 and 6 consecutive years, respectively, without having any casualties due to an accident among the staff. "We are proud and pleased to have reached this far. Is our goal? Never. Our goal is to grow old without any accident, the first step is to work as usual." Says Marc Fargas.

Business Federation of Chemical Industry (Feique) recently awarded the good results in terms of job security at the Ercros Complex in Tarragona, giving the Security Plus Award 2014. This award recognizes companies with more than 300 workers that in 2014 had a frequency index equal to 0, that is to say not had any accidents with a leave throughout the past year.

Job security is a matter of top priority for Ercros, so it launched earlier this year the campaign "Count to 6" reminding to employees working in its facilities the importance of a brief reflection before starting any work to ensure that they are meeting all relevant safety measures.

Tarragona Complex has a production capacity of more than 1 million tons a year. The center of Vila-seca I produces chlorine, caustic soda and inorganic products, with applications in the textile, food, agriculture, paper and detergent industries. Production of Vila-seca II is focused on the chain of PVC, which has multiple applications: from the manufacture of components for the automotive industry, to the development of food and medical packaging. Tarragona factory focuses on providing services to other companies of the industrial state.

The centers that form the Ercros Industrial Complex in Tarragona have approved management system of prevention OHSAS 18001; Quality according to ISO 9001; Environmental ISO 14001, and energy management according to ISO standard 50001. In addition, they are enrolled in the European EMAS environmental register (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).

Just last May 19, the European Commission awarded the Ercros factories in Tarragona and Tortosa for its five years in the EMAS register, which recognizes excellence in environmental performance. This award has been established in 2015 to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of this register.

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