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Ercros launches a new chlorine tablet that repels the pool mosquitoes

Barcelona, October 7th, 2015. - Ercros, in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza, has patented a new technology based on nanotechnology that allows, with a single tablet, to disinfect the pool water and repel insects.


The pool water and the summer heat often mean mosquitoes. To resolve this problem, with no need to add a new product to the pool treatment, the R+D department in the factory of Ercros in Sabiñánigo has developed a new chlorine tablet, made up of triclosocyanurate acid (TCCA), which incorporate microencapsulated substances to repel mosquitoes.

Ercros will present these innovative chlorine tablets at stand D-468 at Pool & Wellness Salon, to be held in Barcelona from 13 to 16 October.

The new technology, patented by Ercros and the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon at the University of Zaragoza, has managed to stabilize in one tablet different incompatible elements such as chlorine and insect repellents, and to achieve that both dissolve at the same rate in contact with water but remain undecomposed during storage.

Thanks to nanotechnology, the microencapsulated anti-mosquito substances are protected from reaction with the TCCA, so they do not degrade or lose their functionality. This technology is also valid for microencapsulating in chlorine tablets any other additives the market may demand.

Using chlorine tablets with anti-mosquito substances is the most advanced and advantageous way to disinfect the pool water, since with a single tablet different goals are achieved: 1st) disinfecting the water, since the low solubility of TCCA makes the tablet diluting slowly and always keeping the adequate and stable amount of chlorine; 2nd) repelling mosquitoes, because unlike the currently marketed tablets, which have only this function, in this case the repellent release is slow and controlled, and 3rd) perfuming the pool with a pleasant lemon scent, as a result of incorporating natural substances such as citronella or geraniol.

In addition, the tablets with microcapsules manufactured by Ercros do not generate foam or waste, do not interfere either with water treatments or filtration systems and do not alter the pool water ph.

Ercros is the largest European manufacturer of TCCA that is produced at its plant in Sabiñánigo, and leads the innovation and development at the swimming pool water treatment sector.

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