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Entrepreneurs from the regions of Solsones and Bages visit the factory of Ercros in Cardona

Cardona, November 2, 2015. - The Entrepreneurs Association of Cardona and the Association for Solsones Entrepreneurs visited on Friday, October 30, the factory of Ercros in Cardona. 13 people, representatives of these two organizations, could see first-hand the operation of the plant to produce salt.

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During the visit, the factory technicians showed the visitors how the production process works: the extraction of saline waste from the dump formed during the exploitation of potash mines in the area, the transport of the material to the factory and the separation and cleaning of the salt in order to reach optimal conditions to be used in the electrolytic processes to be held in other factories of the company.

Visitors were also able to check the important environmental work that the Ercros plant does in Cardona by eliminating the dumps of the area and reducing the salinity of groundwater, taking advantage of waste salt for industrial uses. They also were shown the economic impact of the company in Bages, Bergueda and Solsona region, both from direct and indirect jobs, through hiring and purchasing of goods and services to neighbouring companies.

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