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Ercros investigates the use of hydrogen and CO2 emissions as fuel

Sabiñánigo, November 11, 2015.- The factory of Ercros in Sabiñánigo, in collaboration with the Center for Research Resources and Energy Consumption (Circe) , is investigating the conversion of the hydrogen generated in the electrolysis plants and the CO2 emissions generated by boilers from the center, into methane gas for use as fuel.

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Environmental improvement achieved by this project is the conversion of hydrogen and CO2, through methane, to fuel that can be introduced into the natural gas network and be stored.

The project has a grant of 72.000 euros from the Regional Government of Aragon, who is being promoting for many years the research to reduce the environmental impact of the factories in the Aragonese Pyrenees, an area of special environmental and tourist interest.

Ercros is a company interested in the study of hydrogen as energy storage, and since its creation, is a member of the Fundación del Hidrógeno de Aragón, an organization that promotes the development of such research.

The main economic operators in the Pyrenees, especially those related to the tourism industry, have shown their interest in the production of hydrogen from renewable energies and its subsequent transformation into methane. This is an example of how seemingly disparate sectors, such as tourism and industry can come together on common interests in behalf of the whole of society.

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