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Workers at the Ercros factory in Cardona celebrated the feast of St. Barbara

Cardona, December 4, 2015. - Following the tradition, on December 4, people working in the factory of Ercros in Cardona, along with their families, have participated at the commemoration of the feast of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners.


The events organized by the city council of Cardona and chaired by its Mayor, Ferran Estruch, started at 10 am with a Mass in the parish church. Then the people who work at Ercros and the council have moved to Salt Mountain Cultural Park, where a wreath has been placed at the miner monument, the flame of the memorial has been ignited and 77 salutes have been released in honor of the miners who throughout history have died in the mine.

Ercros factory in Cardona is dedicated to the extraction of salt contained in the dumps formed by the extraction of potash mines in the area. Salt that, once clean, is used at the electrolytic processes held in other centers of Ercros basic chemicals division.

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