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Ercros factory in Sabinanigo is visited by students of Biello Aragón Institute

Sabiñánigo, December 23, 2015. - The Ercros factory in Sabinanigo has opened its doors again, this time to receive the visit of Biello Aragón Institute students from the same locality. On Monday, December 21, 13 senior high school boys and girls accompanied by their teachers could see first-hand the operation of a manufacturing plant as Ercros, with almost 100 years of roots in their area.

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Before starting the tour, the staff of the factory explained the operation of the center, its processes and facilities. Then, armed with the appropriate personal protective equipment, visited the electrolysis plants of sodium chlorate and potassium chloride.

The visit has been highly valued by students and their teachers, who hope to repeat the experience with students from other promotions. These open days are part of the educational work played, for years, by Ercros factory in Sabinanigo.

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