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Annual balance of the project CAPS FOR A NEW LIFE ®

Barcelona, January 15, 2016.

In 2015, we have picked up 30%

In 2015, we collected 650,650 plastic caps equivalent to 1,301 kilos (nearly a kilo of caps per employee), 30% more than in 2014. The caps have helped 16 children to advance their medical or orthopedic treatments not covered by the public health system.

Diploma 100sonrisas v2016 01 14

Thanks “cap collectors” to involve your closest groups and gather 1.3 tons of caps! Congratulations to all!

Placed in a row, the caps collected in 2015 could bridge the distance between the corporate headquarters in Barcelona and the factory in Cerdanyola (a distance of 19.5 km).

Additionally, the recycling of these plastic caps, has avoided the emission of 1,952 kilos of CO2 gas, main cause of climate change, equivalent to the emissions produced by:

  • Chopping 325 trees in a year
  • 17,400 kilometers of flight by a plane (0.4 times around the Earth)
  • 8 years domestic heating (2,814 days)
  • 63 years of a lit light bulb
We inform you that there are still 25 children waiting for their turn. Thanks to our collaboration on gathering caps, their wait will be shorter. Seur sent us the following certificate to thank, in their own name and that of all the beneficiaries of the project, our collaboration.

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