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Ercros activity in Cardona explained in a video by the students of the Escola Vedruna

Cardona, February 15, 2016 - The ESO students from Escola Vedruna in Cardona produce each year an audio-visual project around environmental issues and this year they have chosen the activity carried out by Ercros factory in their home town. The video will explain the work done in Ercros by removing the waste dumps formed from old potash mines in the area and taking advantage of the salt contained.

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To help students to prepare for the project, Ismael Gómez, head of sustainability at the factory in Cardona, went to the school to explain the process of extraction and cleaning of the salt that is carried out at the Ercros premises. The students raised the issues and questions they had about the operation of the factory; especially on the dump operating process and the use made of salt extracted.

Ismael Gomez showed the students the important task of environmental remediation that Ercros is performing in Cardona and explained them that the salt extracted is used at the electrolytic processes carried out in other centres of Ercros to produce chlorine, caustic soda, bleach, PVC, etc.

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