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Contract extension to search new industrial projects in Flix

Barcelona, April 7, 2016, - After ending the lifetime of the contract signed by Ercros and the consulting firm specialized in process of reindustrialization, MOA BPI Group, under the agreement between the Department of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the City Council of Flix and Ercros, in order to search for new projects capable of generating local employment in Flix (Tarragona), the parties have decided to extend by one year the duration of the contract until April 1, 2017.

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The work carried out so far has identified several interested companies that have submitted projects, some of which are still under analysis but none of them have been closed in the short term. During the first phase of the project, MOA has contacted 770 companies operating in Spain in sectors related to Ercros’ activity, such as basic and intermediate chemicals, waste treatment and recycling and manufacturing of plastics, resins, detergents, etc. In this new phase, it is expected to expand the survey to other activity niches with potential interest, while opening the search to European companies and companies working with the public sector.

The aforementioned agreement is part of the project of Flix reindustrialization to cope with the job loss resulting from the restructuring of the production plants that Ercros has in this location.

The supply of land includes several plots that, as a whole, amount to 200,000 m2. The companies installed in them could benefit from a very competitive structure of energy costs, availability of steam, a high flow rate of water uptake for its processes, physicochemical water treatment station, industrial landfill, own railway siding, etc.

The companies that shall locate at Flix facilities are given the opportunity of using land both under lease or sale, on very favourable terms depending on the number of jobs they will generate. Ercros also raises the possibility of co-investing in those projects that can exploit synergies with its production processes.

The present reindustrialization project has institutional support from the Generalitat, through the mechanisms of support of Acció agency, and the municipality, within the program of aid to the establishment of new businesses, including a 95% bonus on municipal taxes on buildings, installations and works, and 50% bonus on the economic activities tax (IAE).

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