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Ercros calls the Shareholders’ Meeting

Barcelona, May 6, 2016. -  The Board of Director of Ercros has called the General Shareholders’ Ordinary Meeting, which will most likely be held on June 10th at 12:00 hours on second call.

Shareholders attending the meeting will receive an attendance fee equal to 0.005 euros gross per each share of Ercros they hold.

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Among the agreements presented to the approval of shareholders, highlights the re-election of Antonio Zabalza Martí, as executive director, and Laureano Roldán Aguilar and Eduardo Sanchez Morrondo, as directors framed in the category of "other external directors", and the appointment of Jordi Dagà Sancho and Lourdes Fernandez Vega, as independent directors.

Mr. Dagà Sancho has a degree in History from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has been deputy regional director of Catalonia at Mas Sardà Banking, Managing Director of Catalana d'Iniciatives, vice president of the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales ("SEPI") and President of LG-Philips Spain, among other positions. He has been director of several companies, including SEPI, Ence, Iberia and the National Highway Company. Currently, he is president of Prointec adviser in Indra, member of the advisory board of the Catalan Association of Consulting Firms ("ACEC") and advisor at Safelayer and Aula Escola Europea.

Ms. Vega Fernández has a PhD in Physics. In the Air Products group, she has been the CEO of Matgas; director of technology of the group and director of R&D of its subsidiary Carburos Metálicos. In the field of R&D, she has coordinated three major projects of consortium research: Cenit Sost-CO2, the European project H2 Trust and BioQuim_recue project, and has led the working group of CO2uses at the CO2 Spanish Technology Platform. In the academic world, she has been vice-director of external and international affairs at the School of Chemical Engineering at the Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona, among other positions. Currently, she is the founder of the company Alya Technology & Innovation Gas and professor at Gas Research Centre of the Petroleum Institute of Abu Dabhi.

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