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18 years without accidents with leave at Ercros factory in Tarragona

Tarragona, June 6, 2016. - This weekend the Ercros factory in Tarragona has celebrated a new milestone in terms of job security, Sunday 5 totalled 18 consecutive years without accident with leave among the in-house personnel.

Fabrica de Tarragona

In the words of Marc Fargas, director of Ercros Industrial Complex in Tarragona, this goal has been achieved "in the collective effort, the know-how of each of us and is an example for companies around".

Achieve these excellent results in job security according to Marc Fargas "should make us all proud and, of course, is an unmistakable sign of professionalism and involvement of every single person in the staff”.

The factory, along with Vila-seca I and Vila-seca II, is part of Ercros Industrial Complex in Tarragona. It belongs to the basic chemicals division of the company and is dedicated to supplying services to other companies in the Tarragona’s south industrial park. To this end, it has production units to generate steam, chilled brine, instruments and services for air pressure and cooling water and demineralized water. In addition, the factory has a sewage treatment plant  for the biological treatment of effluents from other companies. It currently employs 36 people.

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