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Ercros will continue to supply chlorine to its main customer

Barcelona, March 16, 2017. - Ercros and its main chlorine customer have signed a new contract by which Ercros will continue to supply chlorine, among other raw materials, to that customer. This contract will replace the current agreement ending on November 30, 2017.

The new contract does not alter Ercros' Plan of Adaptation to Technological Change (“Plan Act”), which covers the period 2016-2020. The plan involves a net reduction of its chlorine production capacity by 44% as of December 11 of this year, as a result of the closure -by legal imperative- of the plants that produce chlorine with mercury technology and the expansion of chlorine production plants that already operate with membrane technology, admitted as the best available.

In order to fulfil this contract, Ercros must redistribute the manufactured chlorine and increase the purchase of intermediate products to satisfy part of the chlorine requirements demanded by its own production processes.

As part of this agreement, Ercros will continue to receive industrial hydrochloric acid which is used as a raw material for the dicalcium phosphate plant at the factory in Flix, which clarifies the main determinant for the continuity of this plant.

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