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12 years without accidents with leave at Ercros factory in Vila-Seca I

Tarragona, April 6, 2017. - This week the factory of Ercros Vila-seca I has celebrated a new milestone in terms of job security: 12 consecutive years without accidents among the staff. According to Marc Fargas, director of the Tarragona Industrial Complex which comprises the aforementioned factory, the fact that none of the 134 employees at the factory in Vila-seca has been involved in an accident for so long is because of "the commitment of all workers, that every day are an example of well-done job for the rest of the sector."

Vila-seca I

Marc Fargas recalled that in 2016 there was also no accidents among the staff of service companies working in the factory in Vila-seca I, which shows that "our dedication and professionalism transcends all areas and all the people that work in our environment

Job security is one of the pillars of Ercros sustainable development, and that is the reason why this year the Group has launched a new campaign of prevention of accidents at work with the slogan "If you see a hazard, report it. The safety of your colleagues is also your responsibility."

The factory in Vila-seca belongs to the Ercros division of chlorine derivatives and produces hydrochloric acid, chlorine, caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite. These products have applications in the textile, food, paper, agriculture and detergent manufacturing.

The centres that form the Ercros Industrial Complex in Tarragona (Vila-seca I, Vila-seca II and Tarragona factories) have approved their management system of prevention, according to OHSAS 18001 standard; quality according to ISO 9001; environment according to ISO 14001, and energy management according to ISO 50001 standard.

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