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Students of Biello Aragón Institute visit the factory of Ercros in Sabiñánigo

Sabiñánigo, April 7, 2017. - The factory of Ercros in Sabiñánigo continues with its pedagogical work and this time it has opened its doors to welcome the visit of 28 students of second of baccalaureate of the Biello Aragón Institute of its same locality.

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The students, accompanied by two teachers, started the visit with a brief presentation by the factory's technical staff on how the production processes work. Afterwards, they have visited the hydrogen peroxide plant.

Ercros is the first European manufacturer of TCCA, a product widely used for the treatment of pool water and whose production is carried out exclusively at the factory in Sabiñánigo. This centre also produces, among other products, hydrogen peroxide, at a rate of 12,500 tons per year. Ercros is one of the few manufacturers in the world that has the technology to produce it.

The visit to the facilities of Ercros has been highly valued both by teachers and students, who have been able to know first-hand a company installed in their home city and with a long industrial tradition.

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