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Ercros inaugurates a new production plant for sterile pharmaceutical active ingredients at the Aranjuez factory

Aranjuez, April 26, 2017. - Ercros has inaugurated today a new plant for sterile pharmaceutical active ingredients in the factory of Aranjuez, which is dedicated mainly to the production of fosfomycin, and that together with the annexed plant for the packaging of the sterile products has required a joint investment of EUR 6 million.

The opening ceremony has been chaired by the General Director of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Community of Madrid, Francisco Javier Abajo Dávila and has been also attended by the Mayor of Aranjuez, Cristina Moreno Moreno and other political and social authorities of Aranjuez and the Community of Madrid.

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The new plant is replacing the old sterile fosfomycin plant that has become obsolete and triples the current production capacity, in addition it allows the manufacture of new sterile products.

Fosfomycin is a broad spectrum antibiotic, which in its sterile sodium formulation is especially indicated to combat severe hospital infections. This antibiotic was discovered by the factory itself in last of the 60's. Currently, Ercros exports practically all the production of this product to countries of the EU, Japan and Mexico, among others.

In addition to the new sterile product plant, which has been inaugurated today, the business strategic plan includes other investments, for a total amount of EUR 1.1 million, such as: (i) a new industrial 120 m3 fermenter to produce fusidic acid and erythromycins, which became operational at the end of 2016, and (ii) expansion of the capacity of the plant for the synthesis of fosfomycin and products derived from erythromycin, which is expected to be operative by the end of 2017.

The objective of these investments is to increase the production capacity of the current factory facilities that are saturated, which makes it impossible to meet the growing demand, and to offer products in accordance with the quality requirements of the customers and regulatory bodies.

The factory of Aranjuez, headquarters of the pharmacy division of Ercros, came into operation in 1949 and was the first centre in Spain to produce antibiotics. Its current staff is made up of 203 people. In 2016, this business invoiced EUR 52.86 million, up 8.3% over the previous year, and obtained a gross operating income (ebitda) of EUR 8.90 million, 25.5% higher than that obtained in 2015. These good results are due to the consolidation of the volume of products sold and the greater weight that the product range with greater added value is acquiring in the portfolio of the business.

The Aranjuez plant has its safety and environmental management systems certified by the OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards, respectively. In terms of quality, its management system is based on ISO 9001 and is also certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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