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Ercros strengthens its collaboration with the nursery school in Flix and the Management Plan of Sebes

Flix, May 12, 2017. - The Ercros factory manager in Flix, Jaime Molina, and the mayor of Flix, Marc Mur, signed today the extension of the agreement by which Ercros makes an economic contribution of 34,889 euros to the Town Hall for the year 2017. Of this amount, 1,264 euros will be used to contribute to the proper functioning of the municipal nursery school; 14,425 euros, to the Management Plan of the Natural Reserve of Sebes; and the remaining 19,200 euros, to the provisional settlement of the tax on buildings, installations and minor works and to satisfy the establishment opening rate.

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Since its establishment in Flix in 1897, the interaction between Ercros and the population of Flix, through its Town Hall, in different activities and spheres throughout history has been very intense. This close collaboration has led to the signing of various agreements that have been renewed and updated over the years.

In addition to contributing to the financing of the Sebes Management Plan, Ercros is part of the monitoring committee of this plan, together with the Environment Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Fundació Territori i Societat, the Ebro Delta Natural Park and Natura Freixe Group.

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