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Agustín Franco, new general business manager of Ercros

Barcelona, 26th of July, 2017 . -  The board of directors of Ercros appointed Agustín Franco Blasco as the general business manager of Ercros, with effects from the 1rst of October, 2017, replacing José Luis Muñiz Álvarez who leaves the company on the occasion of his retirement and to whom the board thanks for the services provided during more than 44 years in which he has remained linked to the company.

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Appointment of Agustín Franco

Agustín Franco is a senior industrial engineer from the Higher Technical School of Zaragoza, and graduated in management development from IESE and in general management from EADA.

His incorporation to Ercros dates from 1987, when he entered the factory of Flix in which he held the positions of chief of engineering and maintenance, deputy director and, finally, director. Between 2006 and 2014, he served as industrial director of the basic chemicals division and, since then until his current appointment, he has been the director of the basic chemicals division and, from 2016, with the unification of this division and that of plastics in a single business, the director of the chlorine derivatives division.

Appointments of Francisco España and Marc Fargas

The position vacated by Agustín Franco will be occupied, next 1rst of October, by Francisco España Maraver, who since 2016 is the industrial director of the chlorine derivatives division.

Francisco España has a degree in chemical sciences from the University of Barcelona, a PhD in chemical engineering from the same University, where he teaches at the chemical engineering department, and y Corporate MBA from Esade.

In 1998, he joined Ercros in the innovation and technology department and, in 2006, was appointed director of innovation and technology of the basic chemicals division. Between 2014 and 2016, he was the industrial director of the basic chemicals and plastics divisions, and from 2016 until his current appointment, he hold the same position in the chlorine derivatives division.

Marc Fargas Mas, who until last 10th of July directed the Tarragona Industrial Complex, from the 1rst of October will occupy the position vacated by Francisco España.

Marc Fargas holds a degree in chemical sciences, in the specialty of industrial chemistry, by the University of Barcelona (School of Tarragona).

He joined Ercros in 1989, at the Tarragona factory, where he held various positions reaching the position of director in 2002. In July, 2006, he was appointed director of the Flix factory, a position he held until 2012. Between this year and on last 10th of July, 2017 he has been the director of the Tarragona Industrial Complex.

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