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ErcrosBio PHA, the bioplastic of Ercros that fights against marine litter

Barcelona, ​​September 28, 2017. - Ercros will present a new range of sustainable products, under the motto Ercros, we care in the Smart Chemistry Smart Future site of Expoquimia, which will be held in Barcelona from 2 to 6 October. In its stand and in the exhibition area, Ercros will present innovative products that combine efficiency with respect and protection of the environment.

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Specifically, the ErcrosBio range, a family of bioplastics that originate from natural products, are biodegradable, compostable and have a low CO2 footprint; among them ErcrosBio PHA, the bioplastic that degrades in contact with water, a firm commitment of the company towards the protection of the aquatic environment and the fight against marine litter.

Or ErcrosBio PLA, a new material suitable for 3D printing of a multitude of containers and other objects, and which can look like wood, copper or aluminium.

The Expoquimia 2017 exhibition will also be the framework chosen for the presentation of ErcrosGreen+, the new range of resins that have emission levels as low as those of natural wood. These new resins are mainly used in the construction sector.

Chlorine tablets with microencapsulated mosquito repellent that will go on sale in 2018 have managed to stabilize elements incompatible with each other in the same tablet, such as chlorine and various additives, including insect repellent.

These new products will be presented to the sector on October 5 at 12:00 in a tech-talk offered by Ercros in the Smart Chemistry Smart Future agora.

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