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Ercros celebrates the international day of diabetes prevention

Aranjuez, November 16, 2017. - On the occasion of the international day of diabetes prevention, on November 14, the prevention department of the pharmacy division organized, throughout the week, a campaign to raise awareness and prevent this dangerous disease.

Mosaico Aranjuez Ercros

For this, informative emails were sent and diptychs were delivered about the disease, its symptoms and its treatment. A Frindisc test was also included to calculate the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Likewise, throughout the week, capillary blood glucose analysis was enhanced in the medical service, which in turn answered the doubts that were raised about this sickness.

Finally, and to enhance risk reduction, a small box of fresh fruit and cloth sachets containing tips for eating healthier at work and reducing sugar and salt intake were given to each plant and department.

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