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Ercros joins the European commitment to improve sustainability in the manufacture and handling of plastics

Barcelona, January 18, 20178 - Ercros is committed to increasing the reuse and recycling of plastics by joining the voluntary commitment Plastics 2030 that has driven the association Plastics Europe, as a contribution to the action plan of the European Union in the field of circular economy.

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Through this commitment, plastics producers in Europe, among which is Ercros, are required to reach in 2030 a plastics reuse and recycling rate of 60%, which in 2040 would rise to 100%.

Another important cornerstone of Plastics 2030 is the Operation Clean Sweep program, in which Ercros participates, whose objective is to avoid the loss of microplastics to the environment and the adoption of the best practices in the protection of the aquatic environment.

Finally, Plastics 2030 seeks to join forces to accelerate innovation in the field of sustainable plastics. In this sense, Ercros has launched the ErcrosBio range, which is composed of bioplastics, of natural origin, compostable and biodegradable. Within this range, highlights ErcrosBio PHA born with the will to fight against marine litter, as it biodegrades in the aquatic environment.

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