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The paraformaldehyde manufactured by Ercros is no longer considered a flammable commodity

Almussafes, February 27, 2018. - The declassification of paraformaldehyde as a flammable solid has been successfully completed, in accordance with the regulations on the international transport of dangerous goods. With this new classification, the logistic processes involved in the product will be optimized, and Ercros customers will be better served.

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The results of the tests carried out in accredited laboratories certify that all the qualities of paraformaldehyde manufactured by Ercros do not meet the characteristics to be considered "Flammable solid material of class 4.1". This declassification process has been carried out with the collaboration of the European group Formacare, a body that is dependent on the CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council), which includes the leading manufacturers of paraformaldehyde in Europe.

The new classification, which will be implemented progressively, has been already applied since January in European countries covered by the road transport regulations for dangerous goods.

Ercros produces Paraformaldehyde in its factory in Almussafes and is the world's leading manufacturer of this product.

Paraformaldehyde is a compound that is used in the synthesis of other chemical products with applications in very diverse industrial sectors, such as the automotive, oil, paint, furniture, textile, paper or pharmaceutical industry.

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