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Ercros will expand again the capacity at Vila-seca I plant

Barcelona, March 5, 2018 . - Ercros has decided to undertake a second expansion by 26,000 t/year of the chlorine and caustic soda plant production capacity at the Vila-seca I factory, which it expects to come into operation by the end of 2018, after which the Ercros' total production capacity of chlorine-soda will reach 191,000 t/year.

Vila-seca I

The company has taken this decision in view of the excellent current and expected evolution of the caustic soda and PVC markets (which is the main chlorine derivative).

This will be the second expansion of the chlorine-soda plant at Vila-seca I factory, since on December 17, 2017, the new capacity of 65,000 t entered into operation successfully.

The new chlorine-soda production capacity at Sabiñánigo factory was also successfully launched on February 8. In this case, the expansion was 15,000 t/year.

The current production capacity of Ercros is 165,000 t/year, in such a way that the company has positioned itself as the first manufacturer in Spain, with a 59%share of  the overall country's production capacity. After the expansion that is now announced, Ercros will reinforce its leadership position in this sector, with a capacity of 191,000 t/year.

Ercros' chlorine-soda production capacity with membrane technology





  New expansion


Vila–seca I

















Ercros does not rule out further expansion of its chlorine production capacity in the future if the market prospects and its profitability advise it so.

Since December 11, 2017, all of Ercros' chlorine production is carried out using membrane technology, which is considered to be the best available technology and therefore is not affected by the European Union's prohibition as has occurred in the case of mercury technology. The Vila-seca I factory was the first in Spain to introduce membrane technology in 1992 and, at present, it is the largest chlorine-soda production plant located in the national territory. The Sabiñánigo factory has membrane technology since 2009.

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