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Ercros business management software, a success story

Barcelona, April 23, 2018. - The SAP HANA® business management software migration project carried out by Ercros' information systems management, with the support of the company SAP, has been considered by this company as a success case among its customers. Ercros was able to complete its migration project within a period of only six months and without having to interrupt its commercial operations.

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The implemented business software controls a wide variety of computer applications aimed at helping companies to better manage their processes: from customer and human resource management to the supply chain.

SAP is the leader in software for business management, with a 75% share of the global market for large companies. Ercros has SAP Business Suite® software, which is operational throughout the company and in all areas of business processes since April 2016. During 2017, the system was migrated to the new SAP HANA® database environment. That has allowed to improve the performance of the processes supported in this environment.

For all these reasons, the success story of Ercros has been published in all the portals and networks of the SAP Company and can be found at the following links:

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