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The Ercros’ industrial complex in Tarragona awarded for its job security

Barcelona, ​​June 8, 2018. - The Ercros’ industrial complex in Tarragona, formed by the factories of Vila-seca I, Vila-seca II and Tarragona, has received the Security Plus 2017 award granted by the Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry (Feique). This award recognizes those production centres of the chemical industry with more than 300 workers who obtained a frequency index equal to "zero" during the year; that is to say, they did not suffer any work accident with leave among their own personnel.

Joan Miquel Capdevila (third from the left), director of the Tarragona complex, accompanied by Javier Maestro, director of the National Institute of Safety, Health and Welfare at Work; Juan Antonio Labat, general director of Feique, and other winners.

Likewise, the Tarragona complex has also received the Security 2017 award, which recognizes those production centres with more than 50 workers who have not suffered an accident with or without sick leave.

The award ceremony was chaired by Javier Maestro, director of the National Institute of Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, and Juan Antonio Labat, general director of Feique. Joan Miquel Capdevila, director of Ercros’ complex in Tarragona, was in charge of collecting the recognition. The circumstance also occurs, that this week the Tarragona factory -one of the three that make up the complex- has celebrated 20 years without accidents at work.

The industrial complex of Tarragona, with a staff of 311 workers, belongs to the Ercros chlorine derivatives division. Its Vila-seca I centre produces chlorine, caustic soda and its derivatives, with applications in the textile, food, detergent, agricultural and paper industries. Part of the chlorine produced is consumed in the Vila-seca II centre, which is dedicated to the production of PVC. The Tarragona factory provides services to other companies in the industrial estate.

Ercros has approved its occupational prevention management system according to the OSHAS 18001 standard for occupational safety and health.

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