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Ercros reduces the number of labour accidents and its emission index

Barcelona, July 24, 2018. - In 2017, Ercros reduced its overall accident frequency index by 36% and confirms the progressive reduction in the number of accidents in recent years. The 2017 index is 27% lower than the average rate of the last five years. The general accident frequency index measures the number of accidents, with or without leave, between own and external personnel for each million hours worked.

Last year, Ercros reduced emissions by 10% –which measures the amount of substances emitted into the air and water, and the waste generated by the company– and by 3.2% the direct emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) –this indicator is used to verify the effort carried out in the fight against climate change–. These figures, which reflect the company's commitment to sustainability and the environment, have been improving steadily over the years, so that at present both the emissions index and direct GHG emissions are 16% lower than the average of the last five years.

The Ercros quality index has remained practically stable between 2016 and 2017. In the last financial year, 99.86% of the products that came out of the Ercros factories were optimal for the customers.

All these data, along with the main actions in terms of social responsibility carried out by the company in 2017, have been included in the corporate social responsibility report (CSR) of Ercros, which has obtained the "Excellence Responsible Company" seal granted by the auditing firm Bureau Veritas. The 2017 CSR report includes the status of non-financial information provided for in Royal Decree-law 18/2017, of November 24.

In 2018, Ercros has adhered to the European voluntary commitment Plastic 2030 that has promoted the PlasticsEurope association, as a contribution to the action plan of the European Union in the field of circular economy. It has also joined the Operation Clean Sweep program, which aims to prevent industrial losses of plastic micro-waste from reaching the environment, especially in the aquatic environment.

For Ercros, despite the importance of the achievements just commented, the most relevant event in terms of social responsibility occurred in 2017 has been the abandonment, as of December 11, of the production of chlorine and caustic soda with mercury technology, in compliance with European regulations that prohibited the use of this metal, with potentially harmful effects on health and the environment.

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