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Workers’ families open day in Ercros Almussafes

Almussafes, September 20, 2018. - The Ercros facilities in Almussafes opened yesterday to welcome the family members of the paraformaldehyde plant workers.

Portes obertes familiars Almussafes 2


This visit responds to the desire of Ercros to publicize the industrial facilities in the nearest surroundings of its factories: neighbours, institutions, other companies or, as in this case, staff’s relatives.

The visit began with welcoming words from Ramón Collado, director of the Almussafes factory, who explained to the participants the operation of the production processes, the raw materials that are used and the finished products that leave the factory.

The visitors, accompanied by the head of the paraformaldehyde section, Laura Escribà, and the director himself, visited the formaldehyde and paraformaldehyde plants.

The factory of Ercros in Almussafes has a staff of more than 100 people and is the world's leading producer of paraformaldehyde. It exports more than 95% of its production and manufactures its products using a proprietary technology. The products that are manufactured in the centre of Almussafes are widely used as an intermediate element in the synthesis of various chemical products with applications in very diverse industrial sectors: the furniture, textile, paper, pharmaceutical, photographic industry, etc.

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