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Ercros employees take part in a solidarity race in Almussafes

Almussafes, October 5, 2018. - Employees from the Ercros factory in Almussafes took part on Sunday, September 30, in the IV Solidarity Race organized by the Almussafes Industrial Park Association ("APPI"). The competition, with more than 1,000 registered runners, allowed to collect 13,244 euros that will go to the Spanish Association of Pulmonary Hypertension and the Association STXBP1Syndrome.

Carrera solidaria almussafes

The competition, divided into two categories, 10 and 5 kilometres, has the particularity that it runs for the most part by industrial land of the Juan Carlos I Business Park in Almussafes. José Linares participated at the 10 kilometres distance, and finished in the 2nd place in his category and 12th in the general classification, and Javier Martínez, ranked in the 48th position. Enrique Alepuz, Antonio Devis and Carlos Gómez participated in the 5 kilometre category. They were classified in positions 61, 63 and 176, respectively.

This race was set four years ago to honour a girl from Almussafes who suffered from pulmonary hypertension and who could not overcome the transplant to which she was subjected. This year, the Syndrome Association STXBP1 has also joined, this association is made up of families affected by this minority disease, which causes serious problems in the neurological development of patients.

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