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Students of chemistry visit the Ercros factory in Monzón

Monzón, October 18, 2018. - The Ercros facilities in Monzón opened their doors, on Monday, October 15, to receive the visit of chemical medium degree students from the Mor de Fuentes Institute of the same locality.


The Ercros factory in Monzón produces PVC compounds and is a leader in the research of new plastics that respect the environment, so the students' visit focused on the importance of research into new more sustainable materials and the management of the current plastic waste.

Also, the new range of ErcrosBio products was presented to the students, a new bioplastic material, of vegetable origin and biodegradable, arising from the R&D department of Monzón factory and a strong commitment of the company for sustainability and the environment.

Precisely in the area of ​​R&D was where the students of the Mor de Fuentes institute could practice different chemical reactions that they had already studied theoretically in their classrooms. The future chemical plant workers were also shown the physical-chemical tests to which the plastic products manufactured in the Monzón centre are subjected.

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