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The Ercros factory in Tortosa awarded for its commitment to the environment

Tortosa, October 19, 2018.The Ercros factory in Tortosa received the award "10 Years of EMAS" last Wednesday, October 17, as recognition for its 10 years of uninterrupted permanence in the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), a voluntary registration, driven by the European Union that seeks to guarantee the commitment of companies to the environment, certifying their correct action, credibility and transparency.

The director for Ercros sustainable development, Chantal Coll -third on the left-, accompanied by Mercè Rius, general director of environmental quality of the Generalitat de Catalunya -fifth on the left-, and the rest of the winners. 

Chantal Coll, director for Ercros sustainable development, was the person in charge of receiving the award, on behalf of Santiago Rodríguez, director of the factory in Tortosa. The delivery ceremony was held in the old Born market in Barcelona and was chaired by Mercè Rius, general director of environmental quality of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The factory of Tortosa has a workforce of 108 workers and belongs to the division of Ercros intermediate chemicals. It is the only producer in Spain and fourth in the world of pentaerythritol and dipentareritritol, products used in the production of paints and lubricants. The factory also produces sodium formate -used in the tanning industry- and formaldehyde -which is used in the wood industry and as a raw material to produce derivatives. In this centre, the R & D department of the intermediate chemistry division is also located.

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