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Conference on Ercros’ sustainable water management

Barcelona, ​​November 30, 2018. - Marc Fargas, industrial director of the chlorine derivatives división of Ercros, has participated in the debate on industry and sustainability, which was held at the International Water Integration Cycle Show ("Iwater").

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In his presentation, Marc Fargas explained the solutions that Ercros applies to make water management respectful to the environment. The purpose of the company’s factories is to minimize watery effluents and reduce the consumption of raw materials. The centre of Sabiñánigo, which produces chlorine using salt and water as raw materials, has designed an innovative system to reap the maximum water required by its industrial processes. In addition, once the water is returned to the natural environment is salt and contaminants free.

Marc Fargas also explained that the Tarragona complex of Ercros is the third largest consumer of reused and regenerated water in the chemical industry of Tarragona and has a key participation in the purification of the industrial wastewater in the area.

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