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Ercros collaborates in the International Year of the Periodic Table hosted by the Catalan Society of Chemistry

Barcelona, February 7, 2019. - Ercros is one of the companies sponsoring the activities programmed by the Catalan Chemical Society with the aim of commemorating the start of the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (AITP). These activities are aimed at the whole community but, especially, at young people who are attracted to science and technology in order to guarantee future generations of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

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The Catalan Society of Chemistry, a subsidiary of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans, took the initiative to coordinate the organization of the commemorative events in Catalonia since this territory hosts a dense network of innovative chemical companies with a high degree of internationalization, among which Ercros stands out.

The initiative to commemorate the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (AITP) departs from the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), which has made it coincide with the 150th anniversary of Dmitri Mendeleev discovery of the periodic system in 1869. With this proclamation, the United Nations has recognized the contribution of chemistry to the promotion of sustainable development and the search for solutions to the challenges facing our planet in terms of energy, food, agriculture, health and education.

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