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Ercros, included in the UN dossier on good practices in SDG

Barcelona, September 26, 2019. - Ercros has been included in the dossier of good practices in sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the UN, set up in the framework of the actions that the Spanish network of the Global Compact is developing in the week of the SDGs.


In the dossier, it’s noted that Ercros has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions rate by 11% in 2018 and its total emissions rate by 15.5% in homogeneous terms compared to 2017. Moreover, Ercros managed to save 1,647 tons of CO2 thanks to the logistical and operational improvements carried out that allowed the distance traveled in the transport of caustic soda to be reduced by 2.36 million kilometers.

The SDGs are an initiative promoted by the UN to continue the millennium development goals agenda. These are 17 objectives and 169 goals, including the eradication of poverty, the fight against climate change, access to education, gender equality, the defence of the environment or the design of cities.

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