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The Public Safety Department, Nacional Police and Local Police visit the Ercros factory in Aranjuez

Aranjuez, January 28, 2020. - The Councilor Delegate for Citizen Security and Mobility, María Mercedes Rico Téllez, with the Local Police and National Police officers, have visited the Aranjuez factory today to learn about the security equipment and the centre’s self-protection plan.

Ercros Visita concejal Seguridad Aranjuez

Jose Ramón Díaz and Manuel Gómez, chief and prevention technician, respectively, showed the different safety measures of each productive and storage area, from work equipment in an explosive atmosphere, to foam cannons, through inertized tanks or fire hydrants.

Subsequently, the factory’s self-protection plan was presented, with special emphasis on the role of state security forces and bodies in the event of an emergency and the need to optimize the means of coordination was stressed. The participation of local and national police in the next drills was agreed to improve response and assistance times.

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