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Sebastián Espino, new head of innovation and technology of Ercros

Barcelona, March 2, 2020. - Sebastián Espino Sosa has been appointed, with effects of March 1, head of innovation and technology (“R&D”) of Ercros; replacing the task performed until now by Josep Mota Balcells, who has left the company on the occasion of his retirement and to whom the company thanks the services provided.

Ercros Sebastian Espino

Sebastián Espino is chemical engineer and postgraduate in industrial project management by the Chemical Institute of Sarrià (“IQS”) and has completed the Program of Management Development (“PPD”) in Esade.

His incorporation to Ercros dates back to 1984, when he was plant manager and R&D coordinator at the Flix factory. After a few years working in other companies, in 1989 Ercros rejoined as head of the company’s R&D processes and projects. In recent years he has been attached to the R&D management.

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