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Workers from the Ercros complex in Tarragona donate 5,000 kilos of food for those affected by the covid-19 crisis

Tarragona, May 19, 2021. - The workers of the Ercros industrial complex in Tarragona , made up of the Tarragona, Vila-seca I and Vila-seca II factories, and the corporate management of integral logistics, have collected 5,000 kilos of food to serve the most vulnerable families in the territory that have been affected by the crisis caused by covid-19.

From left to right: David Vilar, president of the work council of the Tarragona factory; Nuria Arbolí, president of the Association of Social Volunteers for Vila-seca; Fina Ortuño, secretary of the Vila-seca II council, and Jaume Saltó, vice president of the Vila-seca I council.

The solidarity food collection has had the support of the complex's works councils; the workers themselves have collected 3,958 kilos and the remaining 1,042 kilos have been added by the company itself. The food collected has been donated to the Vila-seca Food Bank and Caritas from La Canonja.

Joan Miquel Capdevila, director of the Tarragona industrial complex, has been in charge of signing the agreement with the two solidarity entities; and the workers' representatives have been in charge of making the deliveries.

From left to right: María Prados, president of Cáritas La Canonja; Roc Muñoz, mayor of La Canonja; and Joan Miquel Capdevila, director of the Ercros complex in Tarragona.

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