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Ercros sponsors the graduation of the 2018-2022 students of the URV Faculty of Chemistry

Tarragona, 7 July 2022. - On June 30, was held the graduation ceremony of the students of the degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, the double degree in biotechnology and biochemistry and molecular biology, the degree in chemistry and the degree in chemistry in English at Rovira i Virgili University (“URV), who were sponsored by Ercros.

050 GRADUCIO 30062022
In the table from left to right: Joan Miquel Capdevila, Belén Brota, Josep Pallarès, Yolanda Cesteros and Montserrat Pinent

The graduation ceremony was attended by Josep Pallarès, rector of the URV; Yolanda Cesteros, dean of the Faculty of Chemistry; Montserrat Pinent, responsible for the degree in biochemistry and molecular biology and the double degree in biotechnology and biochemistry and molecular biology; and Xavier López, responsible for the chemistry degree. On behalf of Ercros, Joan Miquel Capdevila, director of the Tarragona Industrial Complex ("CIT") and Belén Brota, head of the technical and quality and environment department of the CIT, attended.

Belen Brota, who acted as the sponsor of the promotion, addressed a few words of congratulations to the graduates for everything they had achieved and as a former student she showed them the value of the people who had supported them during these years of study: family, friends and teachers. He encouraged them to never to give up in order to achieve their dreams and to work rigorously and with enthusiasm to always offer their best version.

Belen Brota explained to them the pride and honour that, for both her and Ercros, means sponsoring the graduation of new students and she said goodbye with a “You have everything in front of you and you can achieve everything!”

At the end of the event, a plaque commemorating the new promotion of the Faculty of Chemistry was unveiled.

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