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The Ercros factory in Aranjuez opens its doors to different groups of students in the area

Aranjuez, December 20, 2022. - December has been a month of great training activity at the Aranjuez factory; the centre has opened its doors to receive three groups of students from different grades and studies.

Foto visita Aranjuez diciembre

The Colegio Literator of Aranjuez and its students of the intermediate level of professional training in pharmacy and parapharmacy were the first to visit the Ercros centre.

Days later, it was the turn of the postgraduate students of the Centre for Higher Studies of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Cesif); This centre trains graduates in pharmacy, biotechnology or chemistry that want to direct their professional future towards the pharmaceutical industry.

And finally, the Ercros factory hosted the visit of a group of students of the Higher Degree of professional training in electronic maintenance and industrial mechatronics from the Loyola School in Aranjuez.

In total there have been about 70 students who have learned about the operation and processes of the Aranjuez factory and the complexity of manufacturing pharmaceutical raw materials, especially antibiotics produced by fermentation.

The Aranjuez factory forms the pharmaceuticals division of Ercros and has been active since 1951, when it became the first Spanish company to manufacture penicillin. Currently, the factory is engaged in the production and sale of generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), mainly in the field of antibiotics.

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