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Participants in the Alto Gállego 2023 Logistics Forum visit the Sabiñánigo factory

Sabiñánigo, January 27, 2023. - The participants of the Alto Gállego 2023 Logistics Forum, organized by the Huesca Businesswomen's Association and the Alto Gállego Pyrenees Business Association, in collaboration with the Aragon Logistics Cluster and other entities, visited the Ercros factory in Sabiñánigo.

Alto gallego

At the beginning of the visit, Ignacio Senar, the assistant manager of the factory, welcomed and gave the attendees a presentation of the company. Mª Ángeles García, head of logistics at the factory, who was also a speaker at the Forum, was in charge of accompanying the group on their tour al the chlorine-caustic soda electrolysis plant and the water treatment warehouse.

In her speech at the round table on "Main challenges of supply chains for 2023" that took place at the Forum, the Ercros representative explained that the company is developing a transport digitalization project, within the framework of the strategic plan, 3D Plan, which is being carried out in collaboration with the transport operators with which Ercros works.

Mª Ángeles García also informed the attendees that, in the past fiscal year, the company implemented a system that allows both Ercros and customers to track and position shipping containers in real time. In this way, customers can be informed of the loading date, the position of their order, the arrival forecast, the planned transhipments, etc.

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