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The Ercros factory in Monzón promotes scientific vocations among the students of the Santo Domingo Savio school

Monzón, February 13, 2023. - Staff of the R+D department of the Ercros factory in Monzón have dictated a conference on the characteristics and properties of plastic polymers, especially bioplastics, to the students of scientific and technological high school of the Santo Domingo Savio school of that locality.

Visita Colegio Sto Domingo a Monzon

The activity will be complemented with a visit to the factory facilities in which students will be able to learn about the operation of the compound plant and carry out practices in the R+D laboratory.

Belén Pascual, head of the R+D department, and Pilar Salsé, technician, both of the Monzón factory, encouraged the students to be interested in science.

Rafael Mancho, responsible for the factory, and Belén Pascual have delivered to Antonio Campo, director of the school, and Anabel Novellón, pedagogical manager, a kit to determine the hardness property in materials and a fireproof blanket to improve the safety in the laboratory.

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