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UAB engineering students visit the Ercros factory in Cerdanyola

Cerdanyola, March 15, 2023. - A group of 40 third-year chemical, biological and environmental engineering students from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (“UAB”), accompanied by their professors, visited the Ercros factory in Cerdanyola.

Foto Visita UAB Cerdanyola

The visit began with an explanation about Ercros, its production centres and, in particular, the operation of the Cerdanyola factory and the products manufactured there. Then, the group toured the different sections of the factory, such as the control room and the bioscrubber, a biological treatment facility for the air from the manufacturing processes.

The students have shown particular interest in the industrial technology used in the Cerdanyola factory, as well as the possible work opportunities in the chemical sector of the engineering studies they are taking.

The Ercros factory in Cerdanyola is dedicated to the production of moulding compounds, materials that are used to make plugs, sanitary equipment or tableware, of great resistance and with an infinite number of shapes and colours.

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